Paradigms, designs and policies?

In this video, Alain FINDELI, the keynote speaker give us a chronological description of theoretical development of design and how the learning of this discipline is thought nowadays. This presentation makes part of a study conference organized by the Center for Research on Arts and Language – CRAL – on the global topic: What face for a design theory? This took place in France in November 2016.

This questioning is more and more pressing in our « modern » societies looking for answers for growing everyday global challenges. And, here in the Caribbean, we aren’t out of these intellectual « brain-storms ».

For me, at this moment, it’s from Trinidad and Tobago where we can find the most effective works, by the relation between their development degree and the way they are communicated to the public. Tanya Marie and her Designer Island project is leading this movement which take a look on Caribbean visual expression the designer way. It shows a highly contemporary expressivity.

However, it’s a just a little part of a tropical real big iceberg of ideas and anthropological reflections made by several scholars, designers and much other kind of artists of our area, since many years. But for now, developments in local public policy seem to be very far removed from all this. In our « small » territories, it is said, and where everybody ends up knowing everyone, is it by calculation or ignorance? The future will tell.